Datalogic MATRIX 320 5MP

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  • Марка: Datalogic
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The new Matrix™ 320 5MP extends the Matrix 320 series leadership. Built on a multicore platform with hardware acceleration and HDR capability, the Matrix 320 5MP has the ideal technology for top performance in challenging applications:  high performing C-Mount lensessmart illuminators, and a 5MP sensor. Together they provide the highest reading performance for a stationary barcode scanner over a wider application area with impressive Field of View (FoV) to read multiple labels or codes with a single reader. The Matrix 320 5MP has all of these features and a high intrinsic Depth of Field (DoF), independent from focus selection. In addition to the Very High Power illuminator (VHP) with 36 LEDs, the Matrix 320 5MP offers a new Ultra High Power illuminator (UHP) with 72 LEDs for applications with high demanding speed, distance and DOF. Users will get higher productivity and an amazingly fast Return on Investment.