Datalogic Skorpio X5, 1D, imager, BT, Wi-Fi, NFC, Func. Num., Gun, GMS, ext. bat., Android

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  • Марка: Datalogic
  • Кат. номер: 943500024
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Local Area Network (WLAN)
IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and 802.11 d/e/h/i/k/r/v/w/mc
(for indoor localization); IPv4, IPv6, 2x2 MU-MIMO for
higher throughput and coverage
Frequency range: Country dependent, typically 2.4 GHz
and 5 GHz bands
Personal Area Network
Class 2, Bluetooth V5.0 with BR/EDR and Bluetooth Low
Energy (BLE) Support
NFC Communication
Support for the following standards: ISO14443-4 (type-A,
type-B); ISO15693; Mifare; Felica
Not available on the XLR version.
1D / Linear Codes
CodaBar, Code 128, GS1-128, ISBT 128, Code 39, Code
93, Discrete 2 of 5, UPC/EAN, GS1 DataBar™ linear
codes, Interleaved 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, MS
2D Codes
(DE2112-SR, DE2112-MR and
Aztec Code, Data Matrix, Maxi Code, Micro QR Code,
QR Code. DotCode (only supported by DE2172-AF (XLR)
Postal Codes
(DE2112-SR DE2112-MR and
Australian Post, Japan Post, KIX Code, PLANET, POSTNET,
Royal Mail Code (RM4SCC), USPS Intelligent Mail
Stacked Codes
(DE2112-SR DE2112-MR and
Micro-PDF417, PDF417, GS1 DataBar Expanded
Stacked, GS1 DataBar Stacked, GS1 DataBar Stacked
Omnidirectional, UPC/EAN/JAN Composites, GS1
DataBar Composites and GS1-128 Composite
Removable battery pack with rechargeable Li-Ion
batteries; MicroUSB type-C for fast battery charging.
Standard: 3.7 V; Rated 3460mAh typical 3500mAh (12.8
Watt-hours); standard on all handheld models
Extended: Rated 6080 mAh typical 6200mAh (22.1 Watthours); standard on all Pistol Grip models
Wireless Charging 15 W fast charging
Drop Resistance Withstands multiple drops from 1.8 m / 6.0 ft onto steel
or concrete according to IEC 60068-2-32 procedure 1
Tumbles Withstands 2,000 tumbles from 1 m / 3.3 ft, according to
IEC 60068-2-32 procedure 2
Particulate and Water Sealing IP65
Chemical Resistance Chemical cleanser and industrial oil resistant
Temperature Operating: -20 to 50 ºC / -4 to 122 ºF
Storage/Transport: -30 to 70 ºC / -22 to 158 ºF
Interfaces USB Type-C: USB 3.1 gen 1 (3.2 gen 1x1), host and
device; Gigabit Ethernet connectivity (via 3-slot dock)
Accelerometer 3-Axis accelerometer to detect orientation
Gyroscope Senses angular velocity
Ambient Light Auto adjusts display backlight
Proximity Presentation Mode sensor for 2D models only (based on ToF).
Not available on the XLR version.
Agency Approvals The product meets necessary safety and regulatory
approvals for its intended use.
Environmental Compliance Complies to EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU
Laser Classification
VLD - Class 2 IEC/EN60825-1; Compliant with 21 CFR
1040.10 except for deviations pursuant to laser notice
No. 50 dated June 24, 2007
LED Classification Exempt Risk Group IEC/EN62471
Front size: 218 x 78.5 mm / 8.58 x 3.09 in
Thickness Max 31,3 Head; Max 35,6 WLC coil area and
hand strap area; XLR front size: 220.3 x 89.2 mm / 8.67 x
3.51 in, thickness max 52.6 mm
Primary Display
4.3 inch TFT / Transflective LCD with 800x480 WVGA pixel
resolution; LED backlight and integrated touch screen,
High brightness for Indoor and Outdoor High Visibility
Keyboard 47-key alphanumeric, 38-key function numeric, 28-key
numeric; Keyboard with backlight
Touch Panel Touch Screen: 6 points multi-touch capacitive panel with
hardened Gorilla Glass 3; Support for gloves and stylus
Handheld: with Std. battery 488 g, with high capacity
battery 514 g; Pistol-grip: with Std. battery 600 g, with
high capacity battery 626 g; XLR with pistol grip and high
capacity battery 665 g
Rear Camera: Resolution: 13 MP;
Illumination: User controllable LED flash
Not available on XLR version*
Scan Engine
1D Imager: Linear CCD 2500 pixels; Sharp green LED
scan line. Print contrast minimum: 15%.
Depth of Field (typical): 4.0 to 74 cm / 1.5 to 29.1 in (13 mil/EAN)
2D Imager Standard Range (supports 1D / 2D codes):
White LED Illumination, laser aim 650nm; Print contrast
minimum: 25%;
Depth of Field (typical): 4.5 to 74 cm / 1.7 to 29.1 in (13
mil/EAN); 6.5 to 40 cm / 2.5 to 15.7 in (15 mil/DM)
2D Imager Mid-Range: White LED Illumination; Print
contrast minimum: 25%;
Depth of Field (typical): 8.0 to 100 cm / 3.1 to 31.4 in (13
mil/EAN); up to 160 cm / up to 63 in (55 mil/DM); up to
500 cm / up to 197 in (100 mils Code 39); up to 400 cm /
up to 158 in (160 mils Data Matrix)
2D Imager Extra Long Range (XLR): Red LED
Illumination; Print contrast minimum: 20%;
Depth of Field (typical): up to 320 cm / up to 126 in (13
mil/EAN); up to 650 cm / up to 256 in (55 mil/DM); up to
1000 cm / up to 394 in (40 mil/Code128 and 100 mil/DM);
up to 2000 cm / up to 787 in (100 mil/Code 128)
Pre-licensed device and browser lockdown powered
by 42Gears; Datalogic WiFi Guard; compatible with
Enterprise class PTT by Zello; Datalogic’s SoftSpot soft
Provisioning Scan2Deploy Studio, Android Zero-Touch, QR Code enrollment
Configuration & Maintenance Scan2Deploy Studio, OEMConfig
Software Maintenance Datalogic Shield: recurring security patches, firmware
updates, and OS upgrades
Development Android: Datalogic Android SDK, Xamarin SDK, Ionic
Cordova SDK and React Native SDK
MDM Compatible with: SOTI MobiControl, VMWare AirWatch,
Ivanti Avalanche, 42Gears SureMDM, Microsoft Intune
Terminal Emulation Compatible with: StayLinked SmartTE, Ivanti Velocity
Memory RAM Memory: 3 / 4 GB; Flash Memory: 32/64 GB
(partially used for firmware and reserved data)
Microprocessor Qualcomm SD660 Octa-core 2.2 GHz
Operating System Android 10 with GMS – 2 Main OS Upgrade Support
Audio Wideband Speech (HD Audio) supported on Android
Expansion Slots Micro Secure Digital slot (SDXC) up to 256 GB